Talent Acquisition, Totally Aligned

 As a leading engineering and manufacturing executive recruiting firm, our philosophy is simple: attention to detail matters.

When you find the right person for a critical role, it will transform your business. We present skilled, experienced, aligned candidates who will be compelled by your opportunity and are passionate about their career.

How We Work

Industry and Company Processes

Our recruiting starts by targeting candidates experienced in your specific industry and processes. This ensures that the individuals we present will have the desired turnkey technical and leadership background.

Organizational Size and Infrastructure

No two companies operate or function in the same way. We identify candidates who come from a relevant organizational size, ensuring a high-level of comfort with your infrastructure.

Soft Skills and Intangibles

Effective soft skills are in the eye of the beholder. It is our responsibility to find talent that fits the desired personality profile to thrive in your culture.

What Makes Us A Valuable Resource

Our proven success as a manufacturing and engineering executive recruiting firm will ensure an exceptional experience with exceptional results.

With decades of experience in manufacturing and industrial recruitment, we ask the right questions, learn the nuances of your organization and have a firm grasp on the market and the candidate landscape.

Many of the best candidates are gainfully employed. We have the ability to engage those individuals who are not necessarily actively looking but would be intrigued by a compelling opportunity.

We never lose touch with talented people. Over the years, we have built and maintained strong candidate relationships, giving you access to our unique network of industry leaders and manufacturing professionals.

It’s incredibly important that our candidates check all the boxes. Our adherence to targeting candidates who meet your desired qualifications, proficiencies and professional accreditations is crucial to identifying your next great hire.

We effectively outline and present key selling points about your company and a potential opportunity with you. We have a thorough understanding of our candidates’ professional and personal priorities and what will motivate them in a new role.

We provide transparent, consistent and detailed communication throughout the recruitment process. This ensures that your ideal candidates remain engaged and excited about your opportunity.

When engaging in a confidential search, operating with discretion is paramount to maintaining valuable partnerships.

We assist in walking both parties through the compensation negotiation process. Transparently navigating these conversations guarantees a mutually beneficial outcome.